Frisco  Limos we works hard in providing the best possible limousine and limousine bus transportation services in Dallas Fort Worth TX. We strive to provide our customers with the most comfortable, luxurious and stylish Limousine and Limo buses anywhere. Regardless of which Limousine company you decide to go with we  have provided you with a list of frequently asked questions to make sure you receive what is right for you.

1. How much does it cost to reserve a Limousine or Limo Bus?

Well, it depends on your itinerary and needs. If you call our sales team at 214-989-5700  they will be able to customize a package to suit your needs.

2. What if I only need the bus to take me somewhere and then pick me up later?

During Friday and Saturday we do not cater pickup and drop offs.

3. Is gratuity included?

A driver Tip of 20% will be added to your invoice.

4. Which limo or limo bus will I get?

You can request which limo or limo bus appeals to you the most but, you have to remember that in the end, they are vehicles. We can never guarantee any vehicle. If it were not in operating condition, we would have to replace your requested vehicle with another of equal or great value. But because we employ full time mechanics and a full time maintenance staff, this is never really an issue.

5. What does fully loaded Limousine or Limousine Bus mean?

Fully loaded means that you are going to party on board a REAL Limo or Limousine Bus. With ALL of the amenities. Look at any of the gallery photos and you will see. What you see with the Limo or Limousine Bus is what you get and that means:

* Disco lights    * Strobe lights    * Laser lights    * 42″ flat screen TV in Limo Bus    * 3 Flat Screen TVS in Stretch Limo Trucks    * CD/DVD player

* Surround sound speaker system    * Leather couch style seating    * Over 6′ of standing room in Limousine Buses    * Tinted windows    * Multiple Wet bars

Regardless of which limo or limo bus you choose, you are certain to have the most luxurious, comfortable and stylish Limousine transportation on wheels.

6. Do you provide food or alcohol on your Limo and Limo buses?

Alcoholic Beverages may only be consumed by passengers over 21. Alcoholic beverages can be only brought to the limos/party bus, if each member of the renting party riding the bus is of age 21. Either alcohol or under age will ride the bus. Chauffeur have a right to check the picture ID of each and every member riding the bus. If a minor is found a chauffeur have a right to refuse under 21 to ride the limo/bus if alcoholic beverages are found inside the bus. We do not allow food in our Limos. The renting party can bring their own liquor as long as every on board is of legal drinking age in Texas.

7. Can we smoke on your buses?

We do not allow you to smoke on board our buses.

8. Do you offer any services other than bus transportation?

Our sales team is capable of creating an itinerary for you and making reservations for your party at your intended destinations (wineries, clubs, restaurants, casinos, etc).

9. How long in advance should I make a reservation?

We always suggest making the reservation as soon as possible even if you do not have your exact headcount or itinerary ready. Making a reservation in advance will ensure that you are on the schedule and it will lock in your rate. This is especially true for weddings, proms, and corporate functions and Friday and Saturday nights. We are booked at least one month in advance for every weekend.

10. At what point does my reservation begin?

Your time will start at the time you requested for your 1st pick up. This means that we, unlike most other companies, do not charge travel time. Our traveling is our own time. However, out of town runs are charged for drive time.

11. Where exactly can I go after I make my reservation?

That will be up to you. We will work around your itinerary. You can certainly get ideas from our sales team.

12. How many passengers are allowed on the bus?

The minimum number of passenger can be as low as 1 and the maximum number of passengers allowed depends upon the size of the bus you have. If you reserve a 25 passenger Limo bus you cannot bring on board more than 25 people.

13. Is the Limo or Limousine bus fully licensed and insured?

Frisco  Limousine Service is fully licensed and each bus is fully insured up to $1,000,000.00

14. What about the drivers of the  Frisco  Limousine?

All of our drivers are licensed and certified to drive Limos and Limousine buses

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